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Flashy Lights is just a random guy who wields two stun guns. He meets Strong Bad at the mall, then after a quick conversation, they became friends. Like Strong Bad, he shows hatred towards Homestar Runner, and once tried to beat him with a putter. He also knows how to drive an ATV.


Age: Unknown, seems to be 10 or 11

Hair: Blonde with brown streaks

Height: 4'3"

Weight: Unknown

Eye Color: Blue


Flashy wears a blue jacket, green shirt, blue jean shorts, and orange sneakers.

Notable Abilities

Flashy has a variety of self-defense moves.

  • Flashy can shoot his stun guns multiple times. But after a while, he has to recharge them.
  • Flashy can preform a move called the Flashy Punch, a parody of the Falcon Punch.
  • Flashy can also do a cartwheel and shoot his stun guns at the same time.


"Do you WANT me too shoot you?"

"Yyyyyaaaaahhhh!!! Super Ultra Mega Hyper Freakin' Bloody Ultimate Flashy PAWNCH!!!!!"

"Hi, Peeps!"

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