Homesar box

Uhdyeah, what ees eet, Strong Bad?

This article is about the Strong Bad Email. For the character, see Homesar.

A misspelling of Homsar leaves Strong Bad trying to find the best way to get rid of Homesar.

Characters: Strong Bad, Homesar, The Cheat (Easter Egg)


STRONG BAD (singing, to the tune of the Sweet Cuppin' Cakes theme): Check your email, check your email, check your email, check your email, check your email, check your email, check your email, check your email.

(He brings up the email.)

Hi Strongbad,
What is the best way to get rid of Homesar?
With lots of carp,
A fan

(Strong Bad reads "a fan" as "Aphan" (prounounced "ay-ph'n") and "Homesar" as it's spelled.)

STRONG BAD: Well, Aphan, I'll be right back. (He leaves.)

(Cut to The Field. Homesar is standing there, holding a box labeled "Pandora." Strong Bad comes in from the right.)

STRONG BAD: Hey! Homesar!

HOMESAR: Uhdyeah, what ees eet, Strong Bad?

(Something is heard falling.)

HOMESAR: Oh, no!

(He moves out of the way and the Heavy Lourde falls to Homesar's right (the viewer's left).)

STRONG BAD (whispering): Well, that didn't work. (out loud) Hey, Homesar! I think The Cheat made a cartoon...that has Homestar...holding a box...labeled "Pandora."

HOMESAR: That's great! I get to go to my next show! See you later, night time! (He and Strong Bad leave.)

(Cut back to the Zappy. Strong Bad is sitting at the desk again.)

STRONG BAD (typing): So, there you have it, Aphan. The best way to get rid of Homesar. (stops typing) So, until next time, keep sending me your questions, and I will make fun of your spelling and punctuation. I mean, answer them.

(The Paper comes down.)

THE PAPER: Click here to email Strong Bad!!

Easter EggsEdit

At the end, click on Strong Bad's diamond to reveal that The Cheat actually made the cartoon Strong Bad described.

HOMESAR: It was great, The Cheat! You'll have to do it again!

Fun FactsEdit


  • Homesar sounds like Powered by The Cheat Homestar.


Inside ReferencesEdit

  • Homesar has a box labeled "Pandora."
  • This email references the email homsar.
  • Homesar's final line in this sbemail references the PbTC sbemail mile, except that PbTC Strong Bad said "nice time" instead of "night time." The reason Homesar said "night time" is because that was what MrMenCentral thought Strong Bad originally said in that email.
  • This email got taken in a different direction.

Real-World ReferencesEdit

Fast ForwardEdit

  • Homesar would later become a main character in MrMenCentral's fanstuff.