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Basic InfomationEdit

Little information truly exists regarding Homeschool's past, personality or anything of importance. He was described as being a big nerd, with a possible creepy edge to him. Homeschool was present in the Dancin' Bubs game along with most of the main cast and Champeen, and he has a character card (seen to the right), but he has never appeared in anything else by the Brothers Chaps due to being retired early on in the series' history. It is unknown what his relation to Homestar or Homsar is, if any, and it remains to be seen if the skull shown in the Strong Bad email "buried" is his, or if it is simply a figment of Strong Bad's overactive imagination.

General FanonEdit

  • Homeschool is often depicted as a skilled inventor, and a friend to Strong Sad due to their nerdy interests.
  • Homeschool is also rumored to be faking his death to gain popularity, likely inspired by real-life musicians such as James Dean, Elvis Presley or Jimi Hendrix.

Starteen* FanonEdit

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TwiceStyle FanonEdit

  • Homeschool winner

    How Homeschool appears in TwiceStyle fanon

    Loves science and is a skilled inventor and all-around genius
  • Is Homestar Runner's cousin and brother of Champeen
  • Is really named Homeschool Runner, but people call him Homeschool Winner.
  • Is college-aged

MrMenCentral FanonEdit

Homeschool Winner

Homeschool Winner as he appears in MrMenCentral's fanon

  • He is Homestar and Champeen's cousin.
  • He likes to help Bubs out, especially with his inventions. This was shown in the commentary for time travel, where he helps Bubs build a time machine for Homestripe.
  • His voice is similar to that of Bunsen Honeydew of the Muppets.

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