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Homestar Runner Jr. is the oldest and only son of Homestar and Marzipan. He is loyal to his friends, young and old. When


he's not studying, Homestar Jr. enjoys hanging out with Palm-Palm, Star Sad, Coach 2, and Gubs. He loves trains, and has a layout in the attic (his bedroom). Homestar Jr.'s rival is Star Bad, and thinks that he's goofy. He isn't fond of Strong Bad either like his mom, and often follows him to make sure he doesn't cause trouble for the others. Whenever something strange happens in Free Country, USA, Homestar Jr's the first one to start searching. His girlfriend is Specs, the brainy girl at school, and is very protective of her in situations involving the two of them. He's a good kid and a loyal member of the Runner family. "He is a very determined sort," Homeschool once said. "He never gives up and is a credit to the family. I am proud to call him my nephew."

Homestar Jr. is often like a father-figure to his sisterHomezipan. He is 12 years old. He likes his friends, girls, science, math, athletics and art. His friends are The Cheat, Palm Palm (best friend), Star Sad, Strong Glad, Coach 2, Gubs, Homeschool Winner, and Django. His enemies are Deep Claw and Star Bad. His love interest is Specs.

Name; Homestar Runner Jr.
Age: 12
Relatives: Homestar Runner (Father), Marzipan Runner (Mother), Homezipan Runner (Sister),Homeschool Winner (Uncle), etc.
Romantic Interests: Specs
Gender: Male
Description: Smaller version of Homestar Runner with red soles and brown hair
Attire: Blue shirt with a white star, beanie cap, brown shorts
Affiliations: Free Country, USA
Weaponry: N/A
Abilities: Is smart, can play a variety of instruments, is brave, loyal to everyone
Weaknesses: He is not as good an athlete as his father
Likes: Music, trains, school, friends
Dislikes: Evil

Palm Palm


Homeschool Winner

Coach 2


Star Sad

The Cheat (Mixed)


Strong Glad


Jack Jack (Mixed)


Star Bad

Strong Bad

Deep Claw


Homezipan (Mixed)


The Homestar Runner Jr. (Old Timey)

Pipsqueak (20X6)