Homestarette Runner

Homestarette Runner

Age: Same age as Homestar Runner

Relatives: Homestar Runner (brother) Homeflower Runner (brother) Queen Samila (mother)

Alias: Happy, Sunny.

Romantic Interests: Homsar (crush)

Gender: Female

Description: White skin, Blue eyes, feet being pink, long brunette hair.

Attire: green dress with a large red heart on the front, two purple head rubbers.


  • Her Brothers Homestar Runner and Homeflower Runner
  • Happiness
  • Homsar
  • Drawing
  • Friends
  • Cute Things
  • Good behaviours


  • The Cheat
  • Madness
  • Bad behaviours
  • Strong Glad communicates on Strong Mad
  • Falling



  • Homestar Runner
  • Homeflower Runner
  • Queen Samila
  • Hurry
  • Homsar


  • The Cheat (on it wool allergy)

Other VariationsEdit

Hearty (20X6)

The Helga (Old-Timey)

About herEdit

Homestarette - is Homestar's and Homeflower's Sister. She has hands and two pony tails. She likes Pom Pom, but dislikes The Cheat. She has best friend - Pum Pum. She has crush on Homsar.


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