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This page is for Homsar from ANY person's continuity.

Basic Infomation

General Fanon

Homsar is some type of idiot.

Homsar is related somehow to Senor Cardgage, both being Non-Sequitur variations of a main character introduced in a Sbemail.

Starteen* Fanon

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MrMenCentral Fanon

  • His writing is very unusual. It's so unusual that only he, Homestripe, and Slipstar can understand it.
  • Both Slipstar and her 20X6 counterpart, Skipstar, can understand his "language", but they can't speak it themselves.

=^--^= Fanon

Homsar is the idiot of chaos and of good, clashing with the Drive Thru Whale and Senor Cardgage.