Mega Star Sprinter

Mega Star Sprinter (or M*S for short) is the first (and youngest[he's about 13]) character by M%S123


He is a teen-aged boy who is new and has Just moved to Free Country USA.

Hobbies: M*S is as  great as an artist as an athlete and draws when he gets the chanse to.

Appeirance: He looks almost alike to homestar

Attire: White pants, White-and-Red shoes, A blue shirt w/ a White star, A green Beanie hat

Relateives: Homestar (possible brother-in-law)

Love-intrests: Unknown


  • He can create portals to other universes!
  • He is a very good artist
  • He, like Homestar, is a very good Athlete


  • He is only 3x as smart as Homestar
  • His S's are all Z's
  • He has a habit of falling into random holes in the ground


  • Drawing
  • Running
  • Sprinting
  • Helping out other guys


  • Not being understood
  • The King Of Town (cuz he's fat)
  • Falling into holes
  • Getting anoyed
  • Being annoying