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Scene from homesar, rotated 180 degrees and brightened to reveal "PANDORA" on the box

This article is about the running gag. For the character, see Pandora Runner.

In MrMenCentral's Homestar fanon, the name "Pandora" has made an appearance (usually printed on a box) so many times that it's considered a running gag.


Debut: sbemail 205.5 - The sender (PB) is called "Pandora Boxface" by Homestar. This name is also the name of Champeen's Folk Tale World persona.

Email shirt - Strong Bad makes a list of things to call the sender (who called himself/herself "not fhqwhgads"). Among the names he came up with is "Pandora." Also, in one scene, Coaches P, A, N, D, O, R, and V are standing, in that order, from left to right. Coach V's emblem is upside-down, making it look like an A. The Cheat reads the letters on the Coaches' emblems, and he says it spells "Pandora."

Email total cardgage - Strong Bad reads "PA" in the email as "Pandora." Also, Senor Cardgage calls Homsar "Pandora."

Email homesar - Homesar is holding a box labeled "Pandora."

Dijjery-Dog - The debut of Pandora Runner

Email homstar - Homestar calls the Zappy XT6 "Pandora." Also, Strong Bad calls the email sender, Dan, "Dandora," a portmanteau of "Dan" and "Pandora." Clever, isn't it?

More Locks, Please! - Homsar calls Preshy "Pandora."