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Hello H*R Fans! This is a roleplay! We'll be making up stuff as we go along but here are the rules:

You WILL not:

  1. Godmod
  2. Troll
  3. Flame
  4. Insult others
  5. RP other's chars w/out owner's permission
  6. Curse (but crap, freakin' and sucks are allow)

ANYONE can join this roleplay!


It's just another day in Free Country, USA...


Emmie and Co. (Played by Starteen*)

Sunny and Strong Rad (played by Sunny/Darkness)

Matt (played by Ezekielguy/Matt)

Any canon H*R character (played by anyone)


Part 1Edit

Emmie: *She is sitting aganist a tall tree and is drawing in her sketch book*

Strong Rad: look here, dude! you think you're sooooo cool! well you're not!

Coach Z: oh plorse, i'm way cooler than you!

*Strong Glad walks over Emmie and looks over her shoulder*

Strong Glad: What'cha drawing Em?

Emmie: *covers up drawing* Oh! Nothing!

(Remember Coach Z can't pronouce some words correctly--Qod 3 - strong sadStarteen*Starteenstar)

(oops sorry, i forgot XD lol plorse!)

Sunny: hi guys whatcha doinMidnight Wolf Don't be hatin'! 23:02, November 2, 2009 (UTC)

Starteen: Not much, nothing unusual has happened lately.

Strong Glad: Which is unusual for us!

(It's okay--Qod 3 - strong sadStarteen*Starteenstar)

Sunny: what if something totally random just happened righ--

  • BOOM! someone flies past them and hits his/her face off of a tree*

Homestar: owch

(Hey, I got to go but I'll be back on soon--Qod 3 - strong sadStarteen*Starteenstar)

(Back!--Qod 3 - strong sadStarteen*Starteenstar)

Emmie: Don't tell me the Compe blew up! Strong Bad has only had that computer for seven episodes!

Homestar: (wearily) I see birdies...

Strong Glad: Hey, don't you think we should help dorkstar?

Sunny: he'll be fine, i think

Strong Rad: can one of you please tell Coach Z that he is being--

Coach Z: shudup!

Strong Glad: Strong Rad! Leave Coach Z alone!

Strong Rad: YO he is the one who is gettin all up in my grill!

Strong Glad: OH C'MON! Just leave Coachy alone! He is my friend, Rad!

Starteen: Oh no...

Sunny: fight, fight, fight!

Strong Rad:fine, i'll leave him alone *mumbles* gosh!

Strong Glad: Yay! I won! *hugs Coach Z*

Emmie: Now that that little fight is over, let's find out where that explosion came from. *thinking* looks like Homestar left

Sunny: hes over there

  • Homestar is seen trying to walk, but he's stumbling and running into things*

Emmie: Well. let's go.

Part 2Edit

Sunny: i iz bored, lets go torture Homestar

Homestar: wha?

Emmie: Really, I think we need to figure out what caused that explosion.

Starteen: We could go to the Brothers Strong's house, I've heard most explosions happen there.

Emmie: Yes! Good idea! *thinking* I can't wait to see Strong Sad and SB!

Sunny: ya lets go!

Strong Rad: i'll go too!

  • All go to the Brothers Strong's House*

Starteen: *knocks on door* (kindly) Strong Sad! It's me Star!

  • Strong Bad opens the door*

Strong Bad: er, what're you doing here

Starteen: My friends and I are here to ask if you had heard any explosions and could I see Strong Sad?

Strong Bad: Hey Strong Sad! Your girlfriend is here to see you.

Strong Sad: *From upstairs* She is not my girlfriend!

Strong Bad: I guess you guys can come into my house, just don't trash it.

Strong Rad: pfft, trash it?! its already trashed enough XD!

(yeah Strong Rad doesnt have much manners)

Emmie: Hi Strong Bad, has there been any new emails?

Strong Bad: Nope.

Emmie: Oh, well. Have you hear any explosions or have any happened here?

Strong Bad: Yes I have but is this the place where it happened? Um, nope!

Emmie: Darn! Well-

  • Giggling is heard from upstairs*

Sunny: hey Strong Bad, who's up there?--and dont even say that "There is no one up there", cuz i bet there is *starts heading for the stairs*

Starteen: *In Strong Sad's room* (giggling) Your too nice to me Strong Sad!

Strong Rad: *trying to sound like Strong Sad's mom* Strong Sad? is someone else in there? i told you that you're grounded for two weeks for helping Strong Bad egg a house!

Strong Sad: I know it's you Strong Rad. Besides, I don't do stuff like that.

(Got 2 go for a minute--Qod 3 - strong sadStarteen*Starteenstar)

Strong Rad: dang! it never works

('k)Midnight Wolf Don't be hatin'! 02:09, November 3, 2009 (UTC)

(Back!--Qod 3 - strong sadStarteen*Starteenstar)

Strong Glad: Do I dare ask what their doing in there?

Strong Rad: do you dare?--

Sunny: *knocks on the door* can we come in please?

Strong Glad: That won't work Sunny! *shakes head* Now this will work! *Pulls out Strong Bad's BMW Lighter and puts it up to the door* Watch! *The door goes up in flames*

  • Strong Sad is seen tuning his guitar. While Starteen watches him*

Strong Sad: (angerily) Hey!

Starteen: *Looks surprised*

Strong Glad: (satisfied) See?

Sunny: *bursts out laughing* you got'em good!

Strong Rad: w00t!

Starteen: *looks sad*

Strong Sad: *looks at Starteen then sighs*

Sunny: awww sorry guys

Starteen: *smiles* Uh, You've gotten at playing the guitar.

Strong Sad: I guess so. *cracks a smile*

Emmie: Well, we need to go you guys, since the explosion didn't happen here.

Strong Glad: Aw man, can I at least toture-

Emmie: No.

(Got to go for the night. Cya tomorrow!--Qod 3 - strong sadStarteen*Starteenstar)

Sunny: maybe Homestar started the explosion?

(see ya!)Midnight Wolf Don't be hatin'! 02:44, November 3, 2009 (UTC)

Strong Glad: Yeah, if he sticked a big enough fork into an outlet but I doubt Homestar is that stupid.

Strong Rad: maybe Homsar started it?

Sunny: Homsar didnt start it! well, i bet he didnt

Strong Rad: still, that guy is pretty stupid

Sunny: no he is not

Emmie: Um, before we move on I must ask, where is Coach Z?

Strong Rad: didnt he go home?

Sunny: no, he came with us, but...where is he? he was here when we got to the house

Starteen: *Looks around* I think Strong Glad disappeared too!

Emmie: Aw crap, if they're together and Coach Z has mouthwash.. oh no!

Strong Rad:*covers face in disgust*

Sunny: well we have to find them!

Emmie: To The Field!

Part 3Edit

*at the field*

Sunny: where would they be?

Strong Rad: the locker room?

Starteen: I think the locker room is near The Track.

Rashom: *picking up his magic stuff*

Strong Rad: hey who is that?

Rashom: *turns around* ....

Emmie: Hi-


Strong Rad: CHILL OUT! so it was you?

Rashom: *sighs* Okay, yes I did but not on purpose. I'm Rashom, nice to meet you. :)

Emmie: Rashom is quite the amueter magician. *Looks at Rashom* Have seen Smiley and Coach Z come around here?

Rashom: Oh! Yes, I think they were flirting or something... Anyway, I guess they went to The Locker Room, I guess.

Sunny: cool, its nice to meet you too!

Strong Rad: off to the Locker Rooms!

  • Infront of the Locker Room Door*

Emmie: Before we enter this dark dugeon, I must let you know that I'm not responible for whatever burns and/or melt your eyeballs out. *opens the door slowly*

Strong Rad: *covers eyes*

Sunny: she was kidding i hope

Emmie: Coach Z can do some weird things.... *fully opens door*

  • Strong Glad is seen hugging Coach Z. While Coach Z kisses her forehead*


Starteen: Awwwww! :3

Rashom: *walks in* Hey you- *looks at Smiley and Coach Z* HOLY- *is hit w/ a brick*

Sunny: R U OKAY?!


Emmie: Wh-why'd you ditch us?

Strong Glad: We wanted to spend time alone, away from you kids.

Starteen: *thinking* I wish I could tell Strong Sad my feelings for him*

Rashom: (To Sunny) N-n-n-no I'm fine. *Rashom has a huge bump on his head*

Strong Rad: we arent kids! and you didnt have to throw a brick at Rashom!

Sunny: Strong Rad, you are a kid, you're twelve

Strong Rad: well whatever, they still dont have to be throwin' bricks at us!

Strong Glad: Watch what comes out of your mouth Rad! Coachy here could be your brother-in-law some day!

Coach Z: *Happily surprised* RORLLY?

Rashom: *Looks at Smiley and Coach Z after recovering* HOLY- *gets hit w/ another brick*

Sunny: *facepalms*

Strong Rad: SAY WAAAAAT?!

Strong Glad: Yep. Strong Bad wouldn't be happy about it either. *walks up to Rad* (in a caring voice) Don't worry it Bro. Coachy and I aren't engaged or anything, okay? At least try to get along w/ Coach Z, okay?

Strong Rad: Okay

Sunny: what were we doing again? i lost track

Emmie: Well, the problems have been solved I guess.

Starteen: *has a worried look on her face* What about Rashom?

Emmie: Oh yeah. *Throws an ice pack at Rashom*

Rashom: Th-th-thanks.

  • Everyone goes back to where they were in the starting*

Part 4Edit

Emmie: *She is sitting aganist a tall tree alone and is drawing in her sketch book, then sighs* The day is almost over. *looks at the sunset* It was an interesting one. *thinking* I wish Strong Bad was here.

*Strong Bad is thrown into the air, and hits his head off of the tree*


Emmie: (Cheerfully) Strong Bad!

Strong Bad: *rubbing head* hey

Emmie: Do you need any help? Did hitting your head have do with your email show again?

(Gotta go, cya tomorrow!--Qod 3 - strong sadStarteen*Starteenstar)

Strong Bad: no, Strong Mad got even madder and he took it all out on me

(see ya!Midnight Wolf Don't be hatin'! 04:05, November 7, 2009 (UTC))

Emmie: Hmmmm. I guess so. So, um...wanna do something together?

Strong Bad: i guess

Emmie: Oh! I wasn't expecting for you to say yes. What do you want to do?

Strong Bad: i dunno

Emmie: Time your Email show!

Strong Bad: It's Monday already?! HOLY CRAP i forgot!

Emmie: I must alert my follow Deleteheads! *Puts on Deletehead hat*

Strong Bad: Aw crap, don't involve those nerds! They'll ruin everything, like they always do

  • Strong Sad, Emmie, Strong Mad and Homsar come in*

Strong Sad: Greetings. Now go check your email.

Emmie: *gets a fangirlish look on her face* YES! Brother Strong Sad commands you!

Strong Mad: YAY!

Homsar: I'm on a way to floooooorish!

Strong Bad: you guys make me sick *goes into the computer room*

(I can't think of an email. You can make something up.--Qod 3 - strong sadStarteen*Starteenstar 02:53, November 11, 2009 (UTC))

Emmie: I'm I that sicking?

Strong Sad: *shrugs*

*the email says:

Dear Strong Bad,

Is Strong Sad really part elephant? You should know, you are his bro after all.

From, Keira, PA*

Strong Bad: uhhh, i dunno, LETS FIND OUT!

(XD it was the best that i could come up with at the moment)

(Cool. I gotta go to bed now. We can RP all we want tomorrow!--Qod 3 - strong sadStarteen*Starteenstar 03:04, November 11, 2009 (UTC))

Matt: Hey, dudes and dudettes! *Sparks fly out the wheels of his scooter.*

Strong Bad: Um, what are you doing here in my computer room ON A SCOOTER?!

Matt: Gee, Mr. Strong Bad! I'm sorry! Just wanted to see if you had finished burning my Ramone's CD?

Strong Bad: Well, I'm sorta in the middle of an email right now and-

The Cheat: *Holding a CD* Meh meh!

Strong Bad: *Takes CD* Thanks my little lackey! (To Matt) Here. *Hands him the CD* Now get out of my house. I've gotta email to check!

Matt: Yessir! *Rides out on scooter, sets rug on fire*

Strong Bad: Ahh! *smothers fire* So, back to brass tacks and monkeys. *sits back down at computer* (typing) well, kuriboh, or whatever your name is,-

  • Django walks in*

Django: Hey Strange Bag! Check out Homsar's lazor (yes, I spelled than intentionally) light show!

Strong Bad: Uh... and remind me how Homsar is smart enough to make a laser light show, let alone close his eyelids?

Django: You're gonna have to see!

  • Boom!*

(Cut to Mega Star Sprinter talking w/ Homestar Runner)

MegaStarSprinter: Hey homeztar, have you seen Homzar lately? I've been looking for him for HOUERZ!!!!

Homestar: Oh, he's buisy showing evwybody a lazow lite showey-ma-bob

M*S: Thankz Homeztar! Zee U around! (sprints off screen)