Stong Band

Oh, you mean like, "strong equals stong?" You seem to like that one.

Stong Band is a recolor of Strong Bad who has the ability to make musical instruments pop out of his head (hence the name). He is sort of based on Homsar in the fact that his name is a misspelling of Strong Bad. (Homsar is a misspelling of Homestar.) He is also a distant cousin of Strong Bad.

Color ChangesEdit


Where the name originated

All changes are shown in this form: Strong Bad - Stong Band

red - blue

green - red

light blue - yellow-green

peach - light purple

black - black

gray - gray

white - white (on their gloves)

white - black (on their boots)

Name OriginEdit

His name first appears on Monkey D's tanktop in the sbemails vacation, different town, and pom pom.