Tallshort is an ironically Tall and Short character that is friends with Starteen. He appears to have Solar Powers.

Solar Energy Included!

Friends/Rivals/Romance Edit

Romance Edit

Rivals Edit

Friends Edit

  • Justin the Golden Hedgehog (Sonic Fanon Universe)
  • Emberfist the Great Gray Owl (Imorta Universe)

Known Powers Edit

  • Solar Flare: a burst of light shoots from his hands.
  • Solar Eruption: A big orb of light thrusts from his hands.
  • Solar Eclipse: He can turn things into pure darkness for a bit to defeat them.
  • Star of Time: He can see the future with this.
  • Star of Portals: Can transport him self to other places to defeat their baddies.
  • Tall Star of Shortness: Destroys evil things all around him
  • All will come back to life no sense in complete death!