This is the exact sbemail of which Timestar Skipper debuts.

Transcript Edit

(Strong Bad singing)

STRONG BAD: And now, my favourite... Eeee-MAAAAAIL!! (To the tune of the SEGA jingle)

STRONG BAD: Ooh, here's one now!

"Dear Strong Bad,

Do you know what a TARDIS is?

From, Medile Robence

(Strong Bad reads Medile as Metal, Robence as Robin)

STRONG BAD: Wow. You're serious, right? Of course I d--

(Timestar's TARDIS, looking like a grandfather clock, rematerializes in the room over the ComPe and pushes Strong Bad back)

STRONG BAD: WOAH! What is that... THING doing here?!

(Timestar walks out)

TIMESTAR: Oh, sorry, lad!

(Strong Bad falls off his stool)

STRONG BAD: O-OUCH!! WHOA! Who're you?! And why are you dressed like an English dude?!

(Timestar, appearing gray haired and old, wearing a monocle as well, regenerates, leaving the whole room a-blaze)

STRONG BAD: Oh, great. I'm on fire too.

TIMESTAR: Uuuuughhh.... Well, that was... Sir! Are you harmed?!

STRONG BAD: Who are you, and why did you set my pfargtling ROOM ...on FIRE?!!

TIMESTAR: Hand me a mirror, chil--

STRONG BAD: ENOUUUUGH!! Just tell me who you are, what the heck that BOX is doing here... And how you changed your FACE like that?!!

TIMESTAR: Oh, regeneration! Wonderful thing...

STRONG BAD: Uhhh, are you okay?!

(Timestar faints due to Post-Regeneration Trauma)

TIMESTAR: Oh, Rassilon...

STRONG BAD: Holy CRAAAP! The Cheat! Come here! This weirdo just burned the whole room, and then collapsed!! Drag him to Bubs!

(The scene changes to Bub's Concession Stand)

TIMESTAR: Ow.... What's this odd red building?!

STRONG BAD: The Cheat! Hit him with the pan!

TIMESTAR: Excuse me! Who are all of you, and where am I?!

(Homsar and Homestar walk over)

HOMESTAR: Uh... Sir... Are you okay?

TIMESTAR: Home- Homest- HOMESTAAAAAR!! How are you?

HOMESTAR: Um.. Who is he?

TIMESTAR: Ooh... Hard to explain, but--

(Homsar interrupts)

HOMSAR: DaAaaaaAAAaAAA!! There's not a single one left...

(The Paper comes down)